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Animal Rights
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Animal Rights And Vegetarianism

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Essential of Vegetarianism, The 10,777 Words April, 2002

Description: Philosophical justification for considering the rights of every conscious being, with refutations against arguments and nutrition information.
Quote: "Civilization defines it as the abstinance from meat. The heart defines it as humaneness in action -- the epitome of truth and kindness."

Habit of Flesh Eating, The 3,596 Words April, 2003

Description: Inquiry into the justification for human rights, and then applying this idea to the animal rights.
Quote: "This admiration that we cast upon heroes of old, it is done so, with a silence on the matter of how we feel towards animals today. It is rarely brought up that the way slavers felt of African humans is identical to the way we feel towards animals..."

Human is an Animal, The 1,586 Words January, 2010

Description: A human being is an animal. But that means we possess a nervous system, a consciousness, an ability to suffer and feel pain.
Quote: "If there is any reason for valuing a human being, then there is every reason to value all animal life. In our senses, our suffering, and our happiness, we are essentially the same."

Hunting: The Bloodsport 3,648 Words May, 2005

Description: The social, economic, and political nature of hunting, as well as a consideration of the act of hunting, how it effects the conscience.
Quote: "Few people hunt; good men are naturally repulsed by the sight of any violence."

Politics of Diet, The 6,468 Words April, 2005

Description: Arguments on behalf of the Vegetarian ethic, claiming that it is a political question, that all animals deserve rights, and that diet is the primary reform.
Quote: "As progressive reformers, we are realizing that all of our fellow creatures on this planet can suffer like any man. For this reason alone, we offer them our sympathy, our hope, and a sense of justice that always seems fleeting."

Treatise Against Vivisection, A 2,344 Words April, 2002

Description: Anti-animal experimentation letter sent to health charities that support this kind of abuse.
Quote: "Charity is the acceleration of human thought, the beautification of the soul, the memoirs of a person who believes in doing good..."


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Belgrade Six, The: Serbian Anarchists Arrested for 'International Terrorism,' 2009 2,459 Words December, 2009

Description: Members of the Serbian group Anarcho-Syndicalist Initiative have been arrested and charged with 'International Terrorism.' They are being accused of throwing two molotov cocktails that injured nobody.
Quote: "The Belgrade Six are still held in custody by the state today, awaiting for their trial, completely isolated from the entire world -- a precaution of the anti-terrorist law, so that the six might not communicate to other beer-bottle throwing terrorists."

Case Against the Pirate Bay, The 11,788 Words May, 2010

Description: Sweden's case against the Pirate Bay is a legendary case in prosecution against technology and the development of file sharing. It is a trial against those who want to share information in a new and different way.
Quote: "When the Pirate Bay began, it came into a world where the average piracy Website had a lifespan of three years or less. It has survived seven years, so far, after intense litigation, media scrutiny, and even a raid."

Giordano Bruno Was Burned at the Stake 400 Years Ago 806 Words November, 2002

Description: A sad tribute to a hero of us all, who was burned at the hands of tyrants 400 years ago.
Quote: "Giordano Bruno was burned 400 years ago, the flames engulfing his torso, blistering his skin, turning his insides molten."

Great Freethinkers, The 29,041 Words March, 2002

Description: Biographies of heretical authors, lawyers, social activists, and others who had a great effect on society.
Quote: "The following is a list of ten incredibly influential Freethinkers. Most of them either called themselves Atheists or Agnostics, but one called himself a Deist."

Drugs and Psychedelics

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Better Living Through Chemicals 7,562 Words December, 2005

Description: A defense of the use of drugs, as a means to produce euphoria, enlightenment, or happiness, as well as a means for satisfying many of mankind's problems.
Quote: "These substances have created such ecstatic pleasures, such powerful emotional outlets, and an increase in creativity and open-mindedness -- this much about drugs cannot be denied by any party."

Bhang, the Ancient Elixir of Cannabis 5,809 Words October, 2010

Description: For thousands of years, people have been putting this mysterious, green substance into their bellies and into their lungs. What is its meaning?
Quote: "Bhang, as a drug culture that isolates itself against heroin, may very well serve to save the lives of some of those children."

Dialogue on Drug Laws 2,631 Words September, 2005

Description: Considerations on the positive or negative influence of drug use upon society, presented in a debate between a pro-drug and a con-drug person.
Quote: "All laws would be tyrannical, but I can only hope that the people who saw such laws could see how ridiculous they were, and would revolt."

Drug Use is Culture Use 1,635 Words January, 2010

Description: When someone reads a book or listens to a lesson, they are taking in a culture. But when someone consumes an intoxicant, they are activating the same parts of the brain. They have the potential for creative change in human beings.
Quote: "Culture has the intention of exciting our passions, giving life to our hopes, and spurring ideas in our minds. Drugs accomplish this task in a far more direct route."

Marijuana: A Tribute 2,593 Words January, 2007

Description: A tribute to the wonderful qualities of one of the earth's oldest plants.
Quote: "Strange and foreign things are more likely to inspire fear than curiosity in adults. In our youngest years, the greatest fear we have is that we will not have enough time or energy to uncover every secret of the universe."

Think For Yourself With Drugs 1,016 Words October, 2009

Description: Your experience on earth is just what your body interprets, and if you can control how you interpret it, you can control your experience. Think for yourself, by understanding drugs.
Quote: "Such a small amount of chemicals and electricity decide your feelings, your memories, and your dreams. But are we limited to whatever chemicals the brain produces?"

Government and Politics

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Cooperative Society, The 4,438 Words October, 2009

Description: If society organizes cooperatively, then each person has an equal stand in the decision-making process. But if society organizes itself with domination, then each person must sacrifice their liberty and security to the ambitions of a master.
Quote: "The law enables those who want to do violence; liberty empowers those who can create good."

Mass Media and Your Culture as an Identity 1,608 Words November, 2009

Description: By listening to the message of media conglomerates and governments, you're starting to identify with them. The concerns they brought up become concerns you think about. You become them. Or, at least you think you do.
Quote: "A newspaper doesn't have to lie to deceive you. When the media deceives you, it is to give you a culture that you think truly represents you -- when it is a culture that is actually your enemy."

Nation, Culture, and Religion -- Pillars of Tyranny 2,218 Words November, 2003

Description: There are three things that make you associate with your masters and controllers, three things that divide you from those who are potentially your comrades. One is your identity to nation, one is your identity to culture, and another is your identity to religion.
Quote: "The economic tyranny is based on ownership of property, as the political tyranny is based on ownership of people, and the religious tyranny ownership of souls. By giving people an identity associated with those who oppress them, they give in to their subjugation."

Police Officers: The Machines of Tyranny 681 Words October, 2009

Description: In every tyranny, the police become absolutely necessary. Without them, the state could not subsist against the attacks of the people. Monarchies and dictatorships wouldn't last without the violence of cheap, hired thugs.
Quote: "Instead of stopping murder, they went after prostitutes and pimps. Instead of stopping corporate crime, they went after workers on picket lines."

To Those Who Support War 4,911 Words July, 2005

Description: Considerations of all the difficulties, the conflicts, and the pains that arrise with war and militarized activity.
Quote: "...every state, whether European or American or Asian, will always be guilty of these crimes against humanity."

What does the Government have to Fear of the People? 6,095 Words April, 2006

Description: The United States government, like all other states of the world, is not the absolute defender of the people's will. In fact, it manufactures their will.
Quote: "The force behind both political and economic authorities then is distinctly violent and cruel in nature. For those who are in control, the only goal they can have is the maintenance and development of their power."


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Alone in my Belltower 11,019 Words March, 2006

Description: Am I really here? Is this really happening to me? The gun shakes in my trembling hands... maybe all of this is imagined.
Quote: "My psychiatrist always said I wouldn't ever let anyone get close to me. I wonder what she would say if she saw this: her patient, alone and alienated from everything he loves, in a tower, and shooting at people."

List of Things to Be Afraid of, A 2,266 Words February, 2005

Description: One man, one piece of paper, and a lot of memories spilled out between the lines of a list.
Quote: "Never forget... you cannot outdrink any of the gang members from Hell's Angels."

Noise, The 3,373 Words March, 2008

Description: Alone in the city, alone in my place of employment, and I hear something...
Quote: "There is a wilted flower in a pot making one last dying stretch to get sunlight through the dark glass. Nobody's noticed."

Tale of the District Attorney and the Judge, The 1,359 Words February, 2009

Description: One single person stands accused of a murder. A court of law stands to be subdued by the reins of authority, as this person's fate slips beyond mercy.
Quote: "Many outside sources think that it's about time the government looked good in ringing up some murderer. Confidence is failing, in all ranks of the social order. This will make all of us look good."

To the French, Clandestine Bombmaker 5,514 Words July, 2008

Description: The story of a young man in France, his battle with an unstoppable machine, and those who must make inconceivable sacrifices in this war.
Quote: "Dividing the explosive material into usable pieces for a bomb isn't quite difficult. In our friend's opinion, 'It requires a decent eye, a butter knife, and an untamable rage. That's all it takes to become a terrorist. And my pain is just fuel upon the flames.'"

Without a Journey 3,571 Words June, 2007

Description: Abandoned by his friends on their journey, one traveler exchanges words with a stranger over beer.
Quote: "But it was just a stop on the way to Vancouver, Canada. We've been traveling out of Austin in an old BMW van. There was nothing about the great north that attracted me so much."


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Ethics: More Than Just Right and Wrong 2,254 Words April, 2003

Description: Not answers, but questions, about the nature of ethics and its regard to our ability of self-restraint.
Quote: "Today, in our modern world, as well as in the works of the ancient world, we find that one action or another may be immoral, or unethical."

Human Life is Sacred 3,010 Words August, 2005

Description: A journey in to the question of "what is natural" and "what is unnatural," with historical interpretation.
Quote: "If one were to classify homosexuality as unnatural, simply because it doesn't appear to serve any end in nature, then why isn't the bulk of what we do considered unnatural?"

Inaccurate View of Science, The 937 Words April, 2003

Description: Offering an alternative method of viewing science and our understanding of knowledge.
Quote: "...for a society to prosper, it must have well-reasoned attitudes towards the confronting political, economical, and social issues."

Preference and Culture 2,570 Words June, 2003

Description: Some thoughts on the ethical implication of activities that do not harm others.
Quote: "There are some moral philosophers who will go to the extent to say that every action is amoral, and simply a matter of preference."

Question of Rights, The 2,002 Words January, 2004

Description: Some inquiries, thoughts, and questions concerning our idea of rights and how, or if, they are adequately justified.
Quote: "We see then that the current issue is decided upon based primarily on the idea of preconceived rights. What, then are the reasons that justify or villify a right?"

Philosophical Dissertation on Consciousness 2, A 7,538 Words July, 2004

Description: A revisition of the questions and thoughts originally posed on the nature of consciousness.
Quote: "If a computer program was capable of carrying on a long, coherent conversation with a human being, would we be able to judge it as a conscious entity?"

Property and Socialism

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Capitalism, a System of Violence and Poverty 1,181 Words November, 2009

Description: Masters of the economy are always appealing to the governors and senators to make the laws in their favor. They are always using force, law, violence, and poverty to dominate society.
Quote: "This is why Capitalism is barbaric! It takes lives, it finally closes the eyes of hungry children every night, it reaps its harvests by looting the dead!"

Electronic Piracy 6,131 Words January, 2005

Description: In this age of revolutionary technology, there is a need for a revolutionary ideology. Here it is.
Quote: "They are attacking P2P networks today, because it is no longer fashionable to burn down libraries. A free society is a threat to corporations, especially when these corporations gain their power from us needing them."

Healthcare: A Universal Right of Every Worker 3,150 Words January, 2007

Description: The history of the working class is one of exploitation. It is only just that today's workers are protected from the destruction of health that killed their ancestors.
Quote: "Something invaluable was taken from the most innocent ranks of humanity. It is only fair that something invaluable be indebted upon those who committed the first crime."

Legalization of Squatting, The 1,379 Words December, 2006

Description: The right to inhabit unoccupied buildings must be guaranteed for every just democracy. It is essential.
Quote: "Until all governments are abolished in favor of a just, mutual, and cooperative relationship between all civilizations, until that day, all states, governments, and councils should legalize squatting; that is, they should allow people to sleep in unused buildings, even if privately owned."

Monopoly, the Conspiracy to Create Poverty 1,647 Words November, 2009

Description: By isolating wealth into the hands of a few, capitalists become monopolists. They make it easier to create profit, at the cost of famine -- to create wealth, at the cost of human want and suffering.
Quote: "You're not unemployed because there's no productive labor left. It's because someone who owned the land knew they could benefit from making you want more -- from making you desperate."

Vote With Your Labor 3,245 Words March, 2007

Description: If society is formed by the efforts and labors of each individual, then the strike can hold the greatest threat to the status quo.
Quote: "Syndicalism is more than just a style of unionism; it is a theory of how to create a true Democracy without authority."

Religion and Rationalism

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Abandon Religion 2,221 Words July, 2002

Description: An essay arguing for the rational merits of Atheism and the humane virtue of tolerance.
Quote: "Upon the hundreds and hundreds of fallacies and errors, we find that religion itself is something deprived of both merit and science."

Atheism is Progress 2,161 Words December, 2009

Description: Every religion opposes certain progressive changes. They each oppose the rights of children and women, the equality of races, the end of wars, the abolishment of oppression and exploitation. To destroy religion is to move society forward.
Quote: "The destruction of religions is important to freeing humanity's soul, just as the destruction of states is essential to freeing humanity's body."

Challenge to the Churches, A 1,404 Words March, 2003

Description: Requirements of the churches and religious organizations if they are to be respected.
Quote: "I challenge that the churches offer sympathy and kindliness to all people, whether they worships a different god, many gods, or no god at all."

Evidence that God Exists, The 1,740 Words April, 2006

Description: There are billions of people on this planet who are willing to demonstrate their faith in an almighty creator. And yet they have to go to such extreme lengths to put this same faith in everyone around them.
Quote: "Humane thinkers will have difficulty digesting any religious ideas. The greatest contradiction of religion is that it seeks to prove the undeniably powerful nature of whatever spiritual force they may happen to believe in."

Nature of Spirits, The 2,436 Words October, 2004

Description: A consideration of the way that literature has portrayed spirits, ghosts, and other fairytale members of the supernatural.
Quote: "The origin of the idea of the soul, of the spirits and the gods, all comes from the most human desire: immortality, freedom from fear of death."

On Behalf of Religious Followers 4,422 Words October, 2003

Description: Considerations on the revolutionary nature of thinking for yourself in a religious or philosophical arena.
Quote: "In our world, in the nations of this planet, the societies and government that compromise among each other in each region, there seems to be an almost universal taboo in the cultures that have formed."


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Dialogue on Sex 1,107 Words March, 2004

Description: A dialogue between two people, using an example of a person trying to read a book to another person as the ability to give us a third eye to the idea of sex.
Quote: ".......... in destroying, we are building."

Ethics of Abortion, The 2,254 Words April, 2003

Description: Deep essay uncovering the reasons why we are good to each other, and then seeing if or how this ethic applies to the question of abortion.
Quote: "It is on this principle, the value of a conscious being, that I am going to judge whether Abortion is right or wrong in particular instances."

Homosexuality 1,722 Words July, 2003

Description: Arguments for the right of Homosexuals to practice their lifestyle, based on the ideals of liberty and justice.
Quote: "It may very well be true that Homosexuality can be called 'an error in biology,' but then we would have to call every artistic expression, every gentle touch of affection, sympathy for pain, empathy for life..."

Modern Sexual Taboos and Their Morality 10,442 Words August, 2002

Description: Examination of the foundation of sexual morality, and then an analysis of the various sexual taboos of modern society.
Quote: "What makes a radical thinker who they are? Or, what makes a revolutionary idea so revolutionary? And, as my article will question, how far can a radical thinker go?"

Relationship of Anarchism and Free Love, The 981 Words March, 2010

Description: Anarchism and Free Love are related at principle. It is on the basis that both seek the greatest freedom for the individual, and that the purpose for this is maximizing the happiness of everyone.
Quote: "Anarchism is the revolt against all authority placed around us in economy and politics. Free Love is the revolt against all authority placed around us in society and romance."

Vision of a New Morality, A 2,300 Words June, 2003

Description: An explanation and defense of a relaxed sexual ethic with the only moral of harming none.
Quote: "I propose that men and women everywhere should throw off the chains of an antiquated morality, of a slavery that kept their heart in bondage."


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Be A Rebel 1,588 Words October, 2003

Description: An inspirational piece directed towards those still confined to the cruelty of compulsory schooling.
Quote: "Life matters to us because we make it matter. Be a rebel."

Better World Is Possible, A 2,575 Words November, 2004

Description: Some hope mixes with some reason, as memories and emotion start to create a belief system.
Quote: "If a generation that cherished love and affectionately adored honesty were to create two gods, they would be pessimism and optimism."

Discourse on Liberty, A 2,027 Words July, 2003

Description: An analytical look at the development of rights and liberty for oppressed groups.
Quote: "...it is attacked by every dictator, scorned by every politician; it is held in animosity by the enemy of the people..."

Insurrection in Our Hearts 5,419 Words March, 2004

Description: An examination into the ideas of truth and honesty in social situations, and how they compare with a political point of view.
Quote: "We have become the tools of a culture that holds no reverence for goodness, kindness, truth, or justice. In this state, we have allowed our souls to decompose."

Meaning of Social Justice, The 4,636 Words January, 2009

Description: An inquiry into the origin of our rights, our freedoms, and our advantages of society.
Quote: "The dead are gone, but what they have done belongs to the living."

Need to Abolish Mandatory Schooling, The 1,565 Words February, 2007

Description: Forced behavior can only result in a slave mentality and other accompanying social ills that are antagonistic to a genuine education.
Quote: "Curriculum. You need to be somewhere at a set time. Either at the orders of an authority or a bell, everyone in one mass shifts to another position and another place to engage in a new activity."

Social Struggle Within Mathematics, The 9,835 Words May, 2013

Description: Property, capitalism, religion, and tradition are all enemies when it comes to revolutionary, anti-capitalist, anti-state, vegan mathematicians and our fight against all ancient forces of evil and authority.
Quote: "To many people, mathematics can feel cold and unnatural, sometimes awkward and sometimes lonely, but they probably don't know that mathematicians throughout history have been inspired to some of their greatest creations by completely social issues. Mathematical thinkers are not formed in the test tube of cold logic but in the ferment of the Social Struggle."