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  • Communism and Capitalism are the Same Thing: A Story

    The Philosopher Between the Capitalist and the Communist

    Chapter 30 : Trophies for the Defeated

    By Punkerslut

    Image by Don Shall, CC BY-NC-ND License
    Image: By Don Shall, CC BY-NC-ND License

    Start Date: February 18, 2014
    Finish Date: October 21, 2014

         A mass exodus. One group of people flocked around Benjamin, heading South towards Babylon, with Agent 354 as their guide, and a collective of people organized around Emma, heading West towards Athens, with Spargo as their guide. Roz and Pan remained inside Anarchia, managing the city and its stretches of territory with the First and Second Anarchist Armies. The Third Anarchist Army was abolished, and while there was talk among the common people in Ben and Emma's groups in regards to founding the Fourth Anarchist Army before the other had a chance to claim the number, nothing came of this talk. Sometimes Armies are eliminated by their enemies, sometimes they're eliminated by agreement. After that day, the Day of Separation, all Anarchist Armies were under the direct influence of either a Marxist or a Militarist. The only directionless soul within a thousand miles, the Philosopher, disappeared the way he always had. There was no trace of his departure but every suspicion about it.

         Anarchia became something of a ghost town, an abandoned fortress waiting for the enemies of decay and rust more than a capital of a growing civilization fending off the enemies of hired soldiers and officered armies. Emma and Spargo continued West, along with their group, families using wagons to carry all of their past belongings, carpenters hauling chests of tools, miners wearing helmets, metal workers still with grease on their shoulders, and always, the many soldiers, carrying sword and bow. Benjamin and Agent 354 continued South, along with their own group, farmers holding scythes over their shoulders, porters dragging their goods in carts, professors hoisting backpacks full of books, peasants holding ideas and intellectuals carrying food, and among them, too, many armed fighters of the cause, equipped with sabre and arrow. With every step, the Anarcho-Communists became more Communist, the Anarcho-Capitalists became more Capitalist, and the whole of Anarchia itself felt less Anarchist.

    Image by The Almighty Prophet Gitboy, CC BY-NC-SA License
    Image: By The Almighty Prophet Gitboy, CC BY-NC-SA License

         The Philosopher's journey wasn't as precise and direct as those of Emma and Benjamin. If you were to look on a map with his movements outlined in red, you'd see a jagged, darting, intercrossing pattern. But if you were to look from above the skyline, you'd see an old man in a good going North and then South and then West and then East, all the while breaking every now and then with small plumes of smoke from his pipe. His was an undetermined and uncertain hike, a thrash against the openness of nothingness and a strike against the importance of vengeance. Emma and Benjamin had paths they followed on their solitary travels, the Philosopher had a conscience that brought him to many places. They were excited to put their resources and qualities to use in great causes, he was depressed by the lack of clarity and critical thinking on the part the world's so-called "great thinkers."

         As he was walking along, the Philosopher stumbled across a poster hastily attached to a tree, "Attention all Capitalists! It is your duty to join the Capitalist side in the fight against Communism!" Upon investigation, the Philosopher discovered that it was covering up another poster, which had the opposite message. He continued on his walk, admiring the emptiness and space of the air around him, until he finally began talking to his conscience. "Communism and Capitalism are the same thing... they both want what's worst for humanity and what's best for themselves."

    Image by Amy Groark, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 License
    Image: By Amy Groark, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 License

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